Last updated: 7/22/2013

FALL, WINTER, SPRING:                  
Fall, winter and spring are offered in the way of 30+ day custom leases.                 
Email for a quote:                
SUMMER BASE RATE:                
Summer base rate for Sat. to Sat bookings is $399/night rent.                
Cleaning is included. Hawaii tax is extra.                 
The summer base rate is only available for bookings that start and end on Saturdays.                
Summer base rates can be booked up to one year in advance <------                
Summer dates will be offered on a first come first servce basis starting with                 
previous guests and previous inquires for multi-week bookings.                
Multiple Sat-to-Sat weeks can be purchased with 5% off each extra week.                
How does that work?                
    One Sat-Sat week is the summer base rate/night rent.            
    Two back-to-back Sat-Sat weeks get 5% off the base rate for all 14 nights            
    Three back-to-back Sat-Sat weeks get 10% off the base rate for all 21 nights            
    Four back-to-back Sat-Sat weeks get 15% off the base rate for all 28 nights            
Email for a quote:                
SUMMER SPECIAL RATE:                
Summer Special rate is $549/night rent.                               
Quotes for arrivng and/or departing on other days of the week (i.e. not Sat.) will get theSummer Special rate.                               
Summer Special rates will be offered only 6 months in advance <-----                  

Email: for the latest availability and rates.

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