Puamana is the best:
28 acres of low density, low rise private ocean front community.
Less than 300 units makes for lots of open green space

Every unit is on ground floor.
Only 6 units to a building.


Best Grounds

The "bizzy" main road and the fountain at the ClubHouse


The Sea Pool (fresh water) and near by Gazebo


The tennis courts and the second of 3 pools

What exactly is Puamana?
Puamana is a “PUD”: Private Urban Development (different bylaws from a condo association). Although it started years ago a Plantation estate home, it began the metamorphosis into its current configuration  in the late 1960’s. The objective at that time was affordable water front  housing. Because water front property was so cheap then they built at a incredibly low density level on the 28 acres. If you visit or notice any of the other condo resorts you will notice that the density is much higher and typically has either a high rise or practically no grounds or green areas.

Most of the people in Puamana now are full time residents. They love it in Maui and live here 365 days a year. Please be respectful of their privacy. Puamana has recently become a gated community which adds to the quiet safe and secure nature of grounds.

Because Puamana has lots and lots of green space between buildings and a huge expansive green belt around the club house (the original Plantation House) the lifestyle is much more like quiet suburbia than a busy resort. It allows Puamana residents to own dogs and barbecue on their own Patios. It allows Parents to let their Kids play safely virtually anywhere on the grounds because the speed limit is 10 miles an hour everywhere (please observe!).

The club house is the center of activity. Puamana does not have a restaurant or store or sell activities. But it has a tennis court, and the club house features a lounge area, ping pong table, a library, and a desk that is open on weekdays from 9am-5pm. The staff members at the desk are friendly and can give info on availability of stuff like the tennis courts etc. They can get you set up with parking passes too. The architecture of the Club house is charming with several rooms that are open doing the day, a court yard, a banyon tree and some bathrooms that are close to the spectacular sea pool.

The sea pool is spectacular because it is a fresh water pool right on the ocean front. The state of Hawaii no longer allows any structure to be built on the beach anymore and so this pool is unique. There are 2 other pools, one primarily for lap swimming and one for kids! At the pools here are chairs, tables and lounge chairs there but no towels. So take a towel from the unit  with you and leave anything glass behind. There are some plastic glasses in the unit. And then please bring the towel and glasses back!

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